5 Advantages of TikTok Marketing for Brands

Most people have heard about TikTok and might be using it regularly for fun, but how can TikTok help in marketing a brand?

According to HubSpot, the one-year-old platform is leaking into brand territory. TikTok is entering the scene with promising potential – an unsaturated platform, providing a good space, competitor-free.

5 Advantages of TikTok Marketing for Brands

1. Growing Audience

TikTok boasts over 800 million monthly active users – up 300 million from January 2019

The platform’s main demographic of users are teenagers and young adults; 32.5% of TikTok users in the US are aged between 10 and 19 years old, and 29.5% are between 20 to 29 years. Though there is no available data yet for Filipino users, one thing is sure, the local app users are vastly growing as TikTok app landed on top spot as 2020’s most downloaded application under entertainment category in the country.

Its huge community just shows how it is easier than other channels to create video content that goes viral.

Is it just a fad? 800 Million of its users don’t think so. Remember, Instagram started with teens and young adults, and now, millions of businesses are on it.

2. Users are Ready to Engage

TikTok users are ready to have fun. They are much willing to interact – do challenges or “duet” with brands who create engaging contents.

Since users spend 52 minutes on the app each day, this can be a good marketing strategy for brands to take advantage of.

Using hashtags is an excellent way for users to see how many have joined in the trend.

Chipotle was one of the first brands to take off on TikTok, so it makes sense they dove into branded hashtag challenges without any hesitation.

The brand created the #GuacDance challenge where they asked their followers to create a dance to get free Guacamole when they order online on July 31 – National Avocado Day.

3. Promotes Authenticity

Since filming a TikTok video doesn’t require high-quality, professionally filmed and edited videos, people see it as more authentic.

People don’t like advertisements and skips whenever. For brands, try doing raw, unpolished content that makes it more relatable between consumers and brand.

NFL is one of the brands that show authenticity on their page. Their content ranges from heartfelt player stories, to incredible plays, to fan/player engagement, to mic’ed up sideline commentary.

4. Access to Local Creators

TikTok has many micro influencers – 10,000 followers and up, that are usually popular within their own city. These influencers can play a huge part of a local marketing campaign.

It’s easier to collaborate this way and brands can be sure that they target the right people. Currently, TikTok influencers are charging considerably less for access to larger followings than influencers on other platforms like Instagram.

Taste of Home

Dunkin’ Donut U.S. tapped TikTok’s most followed creator, dancing sensation – Charli D’Amelio. The brand named a drink “The Charli” where the influencer takes a video of herself drinking it and uploads on her TikTok account.

5. Unsaturated Platform

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are full of brands trying to connect with their customers, where do you think is still unsaturated? TikTok.

Small Business Trends

Last year, TikTok officially launched its new advertising platform, called TikTok For Business. A few brands are currently using it and you have less competition. You can get a higher user engagement this way. It’s easier to cement your place here before all the others realize its potential and come flocking. It gives you the opportunity to get more reach and engagement on your ads.

TikTok made possible for brands to gain and connect with followers in a fun and engaging way.

It still has a way to go before it becomes a key channel but it’s sure that it is worth considering for 2021 campaigns.


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