What is Meta Description? How to Add it on Wix?

Meta Description is the 160-character summary that appears below the URL and Page Title on search engines such as Google or anywhere that the website is shared. It describes what people can get when they click on the website, thus, influences click-through rates.

Though there is really no character limit, Google usually shortens the descriptions at around 160 characters. So it’s better to have descriptions somewhere between 100-160 characters in length.

Aside from enhancing click-through rates, a good Meta Description also helps the website rank up higher on search engines. Google matches the meta description with what users are searching for and therefore more possibility that it will appear on top of the search page. Also, notice that Google bolds the typed in search term to help users on which page to choose.

How to add Meta Description on Wix?

  1. Enter the Editor then choose the desired web page.
  2. Click ‘Page’ then click ‘Manage Pages’.
  3. From the Main Pages menu, choose the page to edit.
  4. Click ‘SEO (Google)’.
  5. Enter the description under “What’s the page about? Add a description”
  6. Click ‘Publish’ at the top right corner of the editor.

Below are some examples of meta description


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