4 Benefits of Conversational Marketing

The online buying and selling environment is becoming more demanding. Customers now expect a much more personalized and tailored buying experience whenever they want. As a seller, it’s our obligation to give fast, seamless purchase experience. Who wouldn’t want to cut the chase and get straight to the checkout page, right?

Conversational Marketing is the new proactive strategy where real-time conversations happen between sellers and customers. Hence, it is now considered as one of the fastest ways to move customers along the sales funnel. 

The live conversations could be through a chatbot, but preferably, a human sales or customer service representative to build a good rapport and create authentic experience for customers.

4 Key Benefits of Conversational Marketing

1. Creates a Customer-Centric Approach

Live chat and systemized chatbots makes the customers’ experience effortless by providing immediate answers to queries with real-time interactions. By ensuring customers are able to engage with the business in a manner that is convenient, it naturally follows that their overall experience will be better, because, in some cases, it is not just the products that leave a lasting impression.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

2. Learn More About The Customers

Conversations can easily tell why a buyer came to the website, what are their biggest pain points, and which product features are most important to them. These chats and conversations are gold mine of customer information, and can help the business understand the audience better and start using their language in the messages.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

3. Shortens The Sales Cycle

It is no surprise that customers who can’t decide, don’t buy.

Conversational Marketing help consumers jump off that barrier by diving into a conversation. Chatbots do not ask buyers to wait for a callback, instead, it directly connects them with the sales team to provide best assistance and hopefully, secure a conversion.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

4. Opens Opportunity For Upselling and Cross Selling

Sellers can hit two birds with one stone with Conversational Marketing. Aside from knowing the root of the customers’ need, sellers can identify other opportunities, thus, can offer complementary and better solutions.

What do you think of Conversational Marketing? Do you agree that online customers are getting more and more impatient and requires immediate attention when buying?


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