Cereal Box Marketing: Are They Looking At You?

According to Insider, vision is the dominant sense when purchasing. Hence, brands and grocery stores actually use specific strategies to influence customers’ purchasing behaviors. 

Take a look at the cereal boxes below.

Are they looking at you?

No, they’re all looking down because their target market are those who can’t reach them – the children. They are strategically positioned to meet children’s eyes for eye contact.

Cornell University conducted a study where 65 cereal boxes have the character’s eyes looking downward and positioned at an angle for eye contact between the character and the kid. It proved that eye contact with the character influences the likelihood of them buying. In addition, the study found that making eye contact with the cereal box characters actually increased kids’ feelings of trust and connection with the brand. 

Martuscello confirmed this phenomenon, explaining that the sensation of having a character “look” at you has been shown to impact attention, feeling of connection and trust and ultimately being chosen.

“The more we perceive humanlike qualities in other things and feel a sense of connection with those qualities, the more we will pay attention, buy, and remember,” he said.

Staring is rude but for certain cereal manufacturers, it’s also lucrative.

Now we know why cereal box characters have huge eyes.




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