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Facebook: Carousel Ads vs Collection Ads

Facebook is one of the most aggressive spaces to advertise. In order to find success in acquiring new leads, increasing brand awareness, or selling products, you have to stand out from the clutter. This can be done by using Carousel Ads or Collection Ads.

What’s the difference between the two?

Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads showcase up to 10 images or videos that users can swipe through on their device – mobile, desktop or tablet. Each of the 10 cards can have its own headline, description, link, and call to action button.

Users that browse through on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger can see this ad format.

It is best to use to:

  • Display multiple products that link to different landing pages.


  • Highlight multiple features of a single product. Show different product angles or details to better educate customers.

Net Clipart

  • Tell a story. Use images and/or videos in succession to illustrate a compelling narrative.


  • Explain a process. Walk people through how your business works step by step.


  • Create a larger canvas. Present one large image with all your cards for an immersive ad experience.


  • Sell the benefits. If your business is in the service industry, use images and/or videos to show the benefits to new customers.

Clix Marketing

Facebook Collection Ads

Collection Ads are only shown on mobile. A huge image or video is on top while multiple related products are shown below. Because of the Instant Experience feature, it makes it easier for customers to purchase.


It is available in 4 different templates:

  1. Instant Storefront
  2. Instant Lookbook
  3. Instant Customer Acquisition
  4. Instant Storytelling

Which one do you prefer for your business?